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Nail Spa Policy

Please take a moment to read and understand our policies

To our valuable customers,

Thank you for choosing My Friends Nail Spa Policy

Please read carefully our policies are below. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us



  • At My Friends Nail Spa, we take the pandemic and Covid-19 seriously, and we are doing our best to keep our customers and technicians safe.

  • Please read our full Covid-19 safety guidelines before making an appointment for your services.

  • We have the right to refuse the services of anyone that refuses to follow our safety guidelines. 



My Friends Nail Spa has a very convenient online booking system through our website, Facebook and Instagram. We recommend our customers to go online and use our online booking as it’s convenient, faster, and easy to use.

  • Once you create an account, you can book and manage your appointment online such as: rescheduling or canceling your appointment up to 4 hours prior to your appointment from your device.

  • If you would like to reschedule or cancel your appointment less than 4 hours before your scheduled time, you will need to call us and we will modify it from our computer.

  • You will be also responsible for the late cancellation fee in order to secure our technician's wages for their time. 



When you make an appointment with us, you are agreeing to provide us with valid credit card information to keep on our system.

  • We do not require a deposit to make an appointment but in case of a late cancelation, you will be charged 50% of your total services, and in case of a no-call no-show, you will be charged 100% of the total service that you have booked for in order to pay our nail technician for their time and wage which was reserved for you.

  • Regardless you book with us via phone or online booking, you will be required to provide valid credit card information at the time of booking to confirm your appointments.

  • This process is for your first booking, we will keep your credit card information securely on our system. You do not need to repeat this process when you return for your service in the future except if you have to update your payment method. 




We welcome walk-ins. However, we recommended you to make an appointment for your services in advance.

  • We do get busy and sometimes we are not able to accommodate walk-ins, especially during the weekend. 



We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express. 

  • For safety and hygiene, we encourage our customers to use contactless payments such as tap to pay, apple pay, android pay etc.

  • We do not accept personal checks. 




We understand everyone has things to do and sometimes emergencies or out-of-control issues happen.

  • We do not charge to hold your spot (except for a group of 4 people or more) when you book with us either through our online booking or through the phone.

  • We have a very flexible policy that allows you to cancel or reschedule your appointments online, by yourself up to 4 hours prior to your appointment time (except for group booking).

  • If you made your appointment through the phone or walk-in, please give us a call to inform us about your cancellation so we can fit other customers in for their services.

  • In case you cancel online, you will receive a cancellation email to confirm.

  • Please make sure to check your email to make sure your appointment has been canceled successfully.

  • Late cancellation (within 4 hours of your appointment) will be charged 100% of your total services. 



In the instance of a no-call no-show, you will be responsible for your full-service charges in order to guarantee pay time and wage to our nail technician.

  • We have a very flexible policy for cancellation, so please inform us at least 4 hours in advance if you are not able to make your scheduled appointment to avoid late cancellation or no-show charges. 



For the best experience, we invite our customers to come 5 minutes early to have time to check in, wash your hand, take their temperature and select their colors.

  • As a courtesy to all of our customers, if you’re running late (5-10 minutes) for your appointment, your service might be shortened slightly on the part of lotion and massage.

  • If you will be more than 15 minutes late, then in this scenario we kindly ask you to reschedule or wait until our next available slot.

  • In case this late arrival leads to service cancellation, you will be responsible for 50% of your service charges. 




  • By state law we must refuse service to anyone who seems to have unhealthy nails and certain skin conditions, which includes; discoloring nails, infected nails, open wounds, and contagious conditions; unless the customer provides a written notice from a licensed physician. 



  • If you have any medical condition, allergies, injuries or special needs, please let us know when you make your appointment, or before your service starts. This will help to customize your service and ensure your satisfaction and best experience. 



  • We have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time who has a nail fungus and shows the symptoms of nail fungus; such as discoloration, nail thickening, the separation between the nail and the skin… In case your nails show any of these symptoms, we will require a written note from a licensed physician to ensure you don't have any contagious conditions in order to provide the services. It’s important as well as our priority to maintain a healthy environment for our employees and each of our customers. 



  • We guarantee 7 days for shellac polish and 10 days for dipping powder. In case your nails chip within this guaranteed time, we will offer a complimentary touch-up on the chipped nails. After the guaranteed time, there will be a charge of the regular price.



  • Pets are not allowed to enter the salon in order to respect our customers and staff with allergies, except service animals.



  • We understand everyone has work and family, sometimes it’s urgent and you need to answer your phone. To respect our customers and promote a relaxing atmosphere in the salon, we kindly ask you to quiet your voice when using your cell phone and avoid chit-chatting for a long time.

  • We just want you and each of our customers to have a relaxing time and the best experience while we do your services. 



Our licensed nail techs work hard to provide you with the best services.

  • When making a reservation, if you request a specific nail technician to work on your service, please give a 20%+ gratuity for the service to show appreciation for their hard work and customer service.

  • If you don’t want to leave a 20%+ tip, we understand tipping is optional and up to you, choose “no preference” when making an online or phone appointment. 

Thank you for reading and respecting our policies. We appreciate your continued support and we always strive to provide high-quality nail services for our customers and to make each time you walk through our door the highest satisfaction and experience possible. 

Thank you and we appreciate your business!


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